Goodbye 2017

Well, tradition is tradition. Year end is coming. Perfect time to do retrospect and the new year's outlook. 
Probably starting from actual happenings.
January 2017 - Italy road trip with Gay. Drove 5000km by myself from south to north, passing by Genova, Rome, Florence, Tuscany mountains and Naple. Amazing trip with spectecular views, plenty of spaggettes in all flavors, unforgettable one. 
February - nothing special, peaceful month with work, friends' meetings, movies, books, etc. One exceptional experience was ice skating for the first time in my life.
March - kicking off my museums' trip. Berlin museum island and Paris Louvre. And I bought the new game - SIMS CITY.
April - Paula's wedding in Sangalhus, Portugal. My first time to attend wedding of foreign friend. Good memory. Took the chance to meet Aveiro team. And the terrible stolen incident in Denmark, loosing residence card, passport, cash, kindle and notebook.
May - short trip to Warsaw for reissurance of passport and extra time for other documents recovery. Quite month, trying to resume from the pain of the lost.
June - SOAP conference in Krakow. Inspiring event. Drew the color pencil picture for Luo Yao's wedding.
July - Visited Xiao Di in Lublin. Small trip to Opola with Yi Yang and Zhou.
August - Kim's birthday party and several small parties at TT's garden. Xiao Di came to visit, then Beth came. Later traveled to Tampere with Beth.
September - Kitty came to visit. Also a fun period of time. Knowing Kitty more.
Oct - After a weekend mountain building trip, went back to China. Took parents to Sanya.
Nov - Golden time with parents in China. Inspiring.
Dec - Work, Christmas and rest.
Energy in 2017 was not evenly distributed. Some ups and downs. Not a year with dramatic events, except for the stolen case, but does have a lot of personal development, physically, mentally and spiritually. There were several inexplicible moments of ecstacy during summer time. I felt fully taken by the divine power and would love to devote all. It was magical truly. I don't know if it's the right intent to replicate such moments, or we should just follow the flow of life without expectations. All in all, I'm satisfied with this year. No regrets. Some misdeeds but not too devastating. Need to find ways to expiate those mistakes.
All the above don't suffice to end the year. This episode can only be closed with gratitude, to my parents, my friends, my workmates, myself. Thank you all for not allowing tiny piece of time wasted. You shape my life, leaving love in its storyline, coloring it with beautiful memories, raising me up towards spiritual development, making me one step closer to the purification. At this very moment, I cannot ask more from God, because he gives me all.



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