Goodbye 2017

Well, tradition is tradition. Year end is coming. Perfect time to do retrospect and the new year's outlook. 
Probably starting from actual happenings.
January 2017 - Italy road trip with Gay. Drove 5000km by myself from south to north, passing by Genova, Rome, Florence, Tuscany mountains and Naple. Amazing trip with spectecular views, plenty of spaggettes in all flavors, unforgettable one. 



7:46AM CET, December 18, Monday. I'm preparing mentally and physically for a new start of my blog. I've been writing blogs in Chinese for over 10 years. Generally there isn't any problem of expressing my thoughts and revealing my deep emotions in Chinese, which is my mother tongue. But I must admit that doing the same in English is not that simple. Maybe it is the right time to challenge myself in acquiring a new skill. Why not.